Discipleship Pathway

At Holy Temple, we are vigorously seeking to fulfill the mandate given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:19-20). In order to fulfill this mandate, we recognize that every saint must be P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. toward being a Disciple of Christ. A member of HT must be the following

  • Praying saint
  • Rejoicing saint
  • Evangelizing saint
  • Studying saint
  • Serving saint
  • Instructing saint
  • Nurturing saint
  • Giving saint

In addition to learning to be a P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. saint, he or she must help others to be one also! Every believer should be a disciple, should be becoming a disciple (through growth), and building disciples (through investing in others). Print

In order to assist in this process of being, becoming, and building HT has developed a Discipleship Pathway to help everyone be on the same path. The first step is not seen on the pathway banner but it is just as important. It is consist of getting individuals off the road to Hell and put them on the road to Heaven. As disciples share the gospel with individuals whether through public or private encounters, the Lord will save sinners according to His Will. After a person has become saved and has followed that decision with baptism, that person (new convert or new member) is encouraged to come to the weekly worship service for the purpose of Experiencing God.

Every believer needs to have a corporate time of worship so that they may praise the Lord, honor the Lord, and glorify the Lord through prayers, praise filled singing and the read and preached Word. Saints will learn to worship the Lord in spirit (sincerity) and truth (the Word), using hands (lifted hands or clapping), head (tilted upward), mouths (joyful shouting, Amen, etc.), feet (dance), knees (kneeling before God), and eyes (lifting up eyes). Our worship is not intended to be man centered but God centered. We want every believer to come ready to exalt, praise, and glorify.

After coming to worship in order to Experience God, the saints of God are encouraged to become Educated about God. In order to serve and worship God more effectively, disciples must know His will, His ways, and His work. Through our CGC (Christian Growth Classes) and Bible studies, the members will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The next step in the pathway is somewhat new to our church but is essential. Morning worship, CGC and Bible study are good for fellowship and instruction, but the missing ingredient that propels the believers to a constant and consistent walk with God is called accountability. In becoming Equipped for God, the disciple meets with a gender specific group (men with men and women with women) of 3 to 5 individuals with one being a facilitator. This group will help to nail down the disciplines found in P.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. over 1 year to 1 ½ year. After completion those involved in the group will seek out 2 to 3 individuals to pass along the knowledge gain.

The last step involves Engaging the world for God in order to make disciples for our Lord.