At Jefferson's Mortuary chapel in Millington, TN, on the eve of May 22, 1985, Pastor H.D. Carmichael, Sr. called together a group of religious leaders from the Friendship District Association to help organize “Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church.” Armed with the job of “gathering the scattered sheep.” The shepherd and his flock of 44 members set out to win the lost for Jesus Christ. 

Holy Temple had its first worship service on May 26, 1985, at the Jefferson Mortuary chapel. The church worshiped in this facility until it became too small because the membership grew to 177. So in September of that same year, the church leased the old West (Lower) Canaan Church Building in Millington, TN. After worshiping at the West Canaan location, the leadership looked for a more permanent place. As the Lord would have it, a Holy Temple member, Sis. Millie Crayton owned 12 acres of land, and she sold 8 acres to the church for $24,000. In April of 1986, with the blessing of the church, about 500 feet from the road, construction of a metal-composed building began. Holy Temple was permanently affixed with the tithes, offerings, and generous gifts at 4590 New Allen Road, Memphis, TN, on December 7, 1986. 

In 1988 the first addition to the structure included a pastor’s study and four classrooms. In 1990, the second addition to the structure included the baptistery, two restrooms, and six additional classrooms. On November 23, 1991, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fayne sold the church a 5-acre parcel of land for $15,000 in Brighton, TN. After fulfilling the state’s and county’s requirements, the Holy Temple Cemetery became a reality in the winter of 1992. In 1996, 4 more additional rooms were added. In 2003, Sis. Crayton sold the church the remaining acres of her land and now the church sits on 12 beautiful acres. 

At the end of December 2004, Pastor H.D. Carmichael Sr. resigned as the leader of Holy Temple, and Rev. Brian Carmichael Sr. was elected as the new pastor and began to serve as the new shepherd in January 2005. Under the leadership of Pastor Brian Carmichael, Holy Temple adopted the motto ‘Raising a Standard of Spiritual Excellence’. Pastor Brian has incorporated the 5 Purposes of the church into the life of the church. Those purposes are Ministry, Mission, Maturity, Membership, and Magnification. Pastor Brian has challenged the membership to move back to the biblical understanding of the church. He says,

  • Selfishness has no place in the body of Christ. We must stop looking at Christ like He is a police officer, a Santa Claus, or a firefighter. We are called to deny self, take up our cross, and follow Him. 
  • Separation among saints has no place in the body of Christ. We must stop telling other saints to mind their own business. You are my business!
  • Superior thinking, and pride, have no place in the body of Christ. We are not better than anyone else. We need one another. Our growth and health as saints depend on it.
  • We cannot focus on the trees and miss the big picture as a church. Everyone has the same ministry. We are all called to make disciples. Whether you are involved in music, ushering, helping people, prayer, bus, or any other acts of service, the overall objective for each of us is to make disciples. 

We are also a more technologically driven church with a church website and Facebook page. You can register for any events, view the bible study online, give online, and submit prayer requests on the website. Holy Temple now has a Church Mission, Vision, and logo. 

Pastor Brian has also integrated a Discovering Membership Class which gives prospective members an opportunity to understand the direction of the HT church family. A Discipleship Pathway for members has been implemented. He has also defined all leadership positions for each ministry, including creating policies and procedures for all activities related to the church.  

Holy Temple has undergone many spiritual and physical improvements. The sanctuary and the fellowship were renovated, along with a security system and improvements to the outside of the building. 

Pastor Brian Carmichael Sr. is building on the foundation that was set by our Founder, Pastor H.D. Carmichael, Sr. We have been tremendously blessed and thank God continuously for our Pastor Brian and First Lady Stacey Carmichael.